Our origins:

Audrey Alvarado and Gail Y. Paskind are grateful patients of several Chicago area oncology department medical centers.  As cancer survivors, they, together with Karen Dinelli, decided to honor their physicians by fundraising for cancer research and assisting in the future care of all Head & Neck cancer patients in the continuous battle of this disease and its often difficult treatment and long term side effects.   

We hope our efforts will increase public awareness and promote support for the Head & Neck Cancer community. All monies raised and donations will be allocated to the Head & Neck surgical and medical oncology departments of hospitals, universities, medical centers and organizations who assist in our cause. 

We lost our dear friend Audrey Alvarado, co-founder of HeadStrong Voices for Healing. Her battle with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma was long & difficult. It was in her nature to do her best in taking it all in stride so she met every tough challenge head on. She did this for her daughter, her sisters, her husband, nieces, nephews, in-laws & so many friends she loved & cared for. We will miss her tremendously.

Thank you Audrey for your inspiration, humor, compassion & friendship. We can all say that our enduring affection for you will forever be there in our hearts.

Funeral service information:


Dr. Mihir Bhayani, Director of the Rush Head and Neck Cancer Research Program and Salivary Gland Program Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Rush University Medical Center Find him here:https://doctors.rush.edu/details/18102
Not pictured: Kerstin Stenson, MD, FACS
Oral Cancer Foundation Walk, August 25, 2018 with Dr. Bruce Brockstein, Medical Director, Kellogg Cancer Center. Division Head, Hematology/Oncology Find him here:https://www.northshore.org/apps/findadoctor/physicians/bruce-earl-brockstein

Contact us:

Email- info@headstrongvoicesforhealing.org

Address: PO Box 7055, Evanston, IL 60204

Here is another option to assist in the Head & Neck cancer community

You can donate directly to a community partner NorthShore University Health Systems. Click this link to to benefit Head & Neck Cancer research at Kellogg Cancer Center.